program robots instead of humans 24⋅7⋅365 without errors, vacations, or wages


RPA robots perform any repetitive task on an employee's computer


Almost any process can be effectively robotized


Document creation and issuance

Automatic issuance of certificates, invoices, statements, reconciliations, etc.

Parsing and structuring

parsing large amounts of data, structuring scattered data

Monitoring and testing

24⋅7⋅365 equipment monitoring, load testing

Bid distribution and parsing

Distribution of purchase specifications, parsing of commercial offers and automation of procurement procedures

Recognition and text entry

Scan recognition, distribution of correspondence between departments, input and verification of primary documents

Data Migration

migration of data between systems that do not allow mutual integration, reconciliation of data between different databases


The bank, when granting a consumer loan

1. requires life insurance.
2. Confirmation that the borrower is insured is a scan of the policy sent to e-mail.
3. It is necessary to manually check the relevance of the policies or allow for risks.


1. Receives e-mails.
2. Recognizes attachments and scan text.
3. Checks the legality of policies and matches the data on the websites of insurance companies.
4. Saves the results in the database and authorizes further process.


Always working

work always: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - "expand the staff" can be Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V

Outperform their competitors

Outrun humans with their enormous speed of work - they can do the work of an entire department overnight

Saving money

Save money: wages, taxes and fees, do not go on vacation, sick leave, do not ask for a day off

Free up staff

Free up staff for intellectual and creative activities by taking on demotivating routine tasks

Relieve management

Relieve management of the need to monitor implementation and constantly check the result

Guaranteed results

guarantee confidence in the result: robots are always extremely attentive, do not make mistakes and do not get tired

REAL Feedbacks

We got a positive experience of cooperation. The company proved to be a responsible and reliable partner, fulfilling in full all the stated terms of the contract. It was easy and pleasant to work with professional staff who implement important technological solutions, including those for the retail sector.


— Anastasia Planidina,  
Head of Technological Service Development of Magnit retail chain

Implementing a fully automatic two-way «percenting» system for a parts marketplace aggregator with ~10 million items: AUTOMAG2000

«Now we can scale without increasing our staff.»


 — Roman Gorbun,

«The bot greatly facilitates the accountant’s work and reduces the time it takes to process documents. Also, if the task is set correctly, the bot eliminates the possibility of mistakes that an accountant can make when processing documents manually.


I can add: we are satisfied with our cooperation — easy going, cooperative, within deadlines.


— Anna Schedrina,
Deputy Director of Operations

Automation of Rosreestr data update on own land plots and on the cost of neighboring plots in the Cyan database, preparation of structured data for the investment attractiveness specialist: VIALAND

«Now many tasks are done not in weeks by an employee, but overnight by a robot.»


— K.Afanasiev,
 head of the sales department

RPA capabilities

  • Create and modify files and folders, type and correct text
  • Perform any reconciliations, inventory counts and prepare data for audits
  • Issue statements, create reports, generate and process analytics
  • Search for tens of thousands of resumes, products, and services online.
  • Recognize and process email attachments
  • Control the completeness of data in disparate systems
  • Transfer data between systems that cannot be integrated
  • Generate inquiries and issue documents to counterparties
  • Monitor competitor prices and adjust your own automatically
  • Record contracts, transactions, check shipments and cash flows
  • Extract text and table data from images using optical character recognition
  • Make complex mathematical and logical calculations quickly
  • Serve customers, be the first line of technical support, and forward calls to the right departments
  • Transfer data between websites, files, CRM, ERP, 1C, etc.
  • Conduct 24/7/365 equipment monitoring, data monitoring, load testing of systems and services

About our team

RPA2B team consists of different specialists, each of them is the best in their field.

Since the implementation of RPA robots is at the intersection of management, IT and finance — a high qualification and experience of robot designers is required.

It is necessary to strike a balance between the increase in efficiency, the complexity of the robot implementation and the return on investment. Read more about it >>>.

RPA2B is a certified partner of the following RPA platforms: :


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